January 27, 2020

My personal essay copied from Severance Magazine: https://severancemag.com/an-open-door-to-myself/

An Open Door: When the author met her biological father, something shifted deep in her core.

As a teen, I’d once imagined I had a secret identity. Little did I know that I was right.

All my life, I’d learned to live with what could be described as a pervasive form of impostor syndrome — a sense that I was never fully able to know or be myself, whoever that was. Sure, I recognized certain stable personality traits in myself, such as kindness, rationality, humble priorities, and interest in the well-being of others. But they weren’t enough for me to fully know who I was on a gut level. I could also list all the...

February 17, 2019

I was interviewed by a wonderful and empathic journalist regarding my personal story, and the article was released today in the UK's Fabulous magazine. It's difficult to get everything right when someone else is doing the writing, especially when there are also editors that can later make changes before publication. Overall, the story is mostly accurate, albeit abridged to fit the 700 word limit, but I want to address the inaccuracies and a missing part here. I think it was the editors that decided to revert to a prior version of the piece, without the minor corrections I had given the journalist. Regardless, I still think the piece may be helpful to others experiencing a similar situation and feeling al...

March 26, 2018

"Why are you so messed up over this? There are lots of adopted people who are doing fine."  

Because of the pervasive culture of secrecy in the earlier years of third party reproduction, most donor conceived adults find out the truth of their origins in their adult years, whether through a commercial DNA test, through a relative, or through some personal medical discovery. What many people who are unfamiliar with the donor conceived experience don't realize is that, knowing that you came from a different biological parent than the parent that raised you has one type of emotional impact, but finding out the truth in adulthood, after a lifetime of deception, carries its own set of intense emotions. 

That lea...

October 28, 2017

Erin Jackson over at We Are Donor Conceived was kind and helpful enough to interview me for a post on her Facebook group and web site. I've copied and pasted the text below, but the original can be accessed here: https://www.wearedonorconceived.com/guides/qa-laura-mcmillian/

If you’re a donor conceived person who is looking for support from a professional therapist or counselor, you may have discovered this is easier said than done. Most professionals in the medical and mental health communities don’t understand the unique and sometimes complicated challenges of being donor conceived, which can make attempts to find help expensive and frustrating. That’s why I was excited to find donorconceivedsupport.com...

July 25, 2017

People on the outside, looking in, may be well-meaning when they make statements that don't reflect the reality of being donor conceived. This is common in those who cannot relate to the experience of not knowing a biological parent or other family members; it's easy to take for granted one's sense of connectedness to others and a solid sense of identity when they've always been there. If they carry jealousy or envy toward you, then judgmental sentiments may come out even more strongly because such people feel that, if you've had good parents and a comfortable life, then you have no right to complain about anything else. But those who understand life in broader terms know that happiness and emotional adj...

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My personal essay copied from Severance Magazine: https://severancemag.com/an-open-door-to-myself/

An Open Door: When the author met her biological fat...

My Psychological Transformation After Meeting My Bio Father

January 27, 2020

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