Below is a list of magazines, websites, TV shows, videos, articles and books featuring content related to donor conception, for those who wish to immerse themselves.


We Are Donor Conceived Magazine (associated with the FB group)


Severance Magazine

Donor Sibling Registry (mutual connections among DC relatives, research, advocacy, media appearances). However, for connecting with relatives, I recommend using all the DNA testing sites: 23andme, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, etc.

TV Shows

Generation Cryo (reality show about donor siblings seeking their bio father) Unfortunately, no longer free to watch.

Amazon Prime video:



El Donante (Argentinian drama series from 2012). Now only available either on Directv, or on Youtube in Spanish without English subtitles.


Almost Family (drama based on the Australian series "Sisters.") On Netflix. Entertaining enough if you're interested in the subject matter.)


Tedx Talk: Identity Theft by Albert Frantz


Donor Conceived People and the Reproductive Medicine Industry Disconnect

Sourcing sperm from social media is not the answer to your fertility problems


Scattered Seeds (stories and information on donor conception)


Finding Our Families (advice book for multiple parties.)


Brave New Humans (nonfiction account of author's personal story plus info on the fertility industry)


Inheritance (nonfiction account of the author's personal story). I attended her talk with my bio father and half sister.


Sins of the Father (novel inspired by the author's personal story)


Random Families (nonfiction overview of multiple perspectives)


Discovering You're Donor Conceived (a brief workbook)