Deciding to Connect/Defining Relationships with Your Donor Offspring/Frequency and Methods of Contact/Balance in Family Life/Talking to Your Partner and Children About Your Donations/Deciding to Become a Donor - Open or Anonymous


If you're a sperm or egg donor, or are considering becoming one, I want to hear from you! I'm an egg donor and biological mother of a lovely baby girl, whom I've met in person and will have the chance to watch grow up. I'd love to help you navigate your relationships with your offspring and their families. Also, being a donor conceived person and educated in child psychological development gives me perspective on the best ways to approach becoming a donor. 

After your free consultation, I'm available to support you with the following options:

Single 45-Minute Phone Call: $60

Month of Only Email/Text Support: $40

Month of Full Support: $100

6 Months of Full Support: $500

1 Year of Full Support: $800

During each month of full support, you receive:

A 45-Minute Phone Call

Emailing (one response per day)

Texting (up to 20 minutes total time per day)

Additional calls may be purchased a la carte. A month of just email/text support has the same limits on emailing and texting.